The umbrella girls

Umbrella girls bWhen you´re trying to get home from work in the pouring rain but your kid has other plans and stages a dance show with her umbrella… This little girl teaches me so many lessons about being patient and enjoying life to the fullest.

This is actually the same bridge as in this b&w post, but with some cool colored night lights. I sort of wish I’d had a proper camera with me and not just my phone. Still, this captures the feeling and the moment and that’s enough for me. Photography shouldn’t be about perfection and neither should life.

Moss green and golden

Moss on tree 2 b

I spent the evening at the mall yesterday in preparation for an upcoming birthday and found myself longing for more time in the woods instead. I’m not a ”shop ‘til you drop”-kind of person, more like ”force me to shop and I’ll drop”…  🙂 The forest energizes me and the mall drains me.

Moss on tree b

The warm weather this winter means that the moss is lush and green. Endless consumption in excess seems to me like the enemy of the natural beauty that I love. Maybe that’s why I’m so uncomfortable going to the mall?

B&W: The bridge and the bicycle

B&W Bridge and bicycle bThe sun has been in hiding most of the time these past few months in Sweden. Since we’ve hardly had any snow either, it’s been beyond grey and gloomy. So when I actually did see a few precious rays of sunshine making shadows this friday on my way home from work, I had to stop and marvel at it.

B&W The bridge bI suddenly felt the urge to get more serious about black and white photography again. It’s so much more compelling when there’s an actual contrast between light and shadow to be found. I tried to find an interesting composition under the bridge working with the rule of thirds.

Blackout poetry: The wild waves

The wild waves bTwo lines of poetry caught between a sea wave and a sound wave:

The sea they think they hear. Singing. A roar.
– What are the wild waves saying? he asked her.

Sometimes you can only hear it if you listen carefully. The wild roar, the singing of the sea. The whisper from your heart.

There are constantly so many things on the to-do-list, but I feel like I have to let some of those things go to find space and time for the things that bring peace to my soul. Making blackout poetry. Getting lost in the woods with my camera. Using yarn or fabric to make something I’ve dreamed up in my head.

For me, the voice inside me is telling me to focus more on creativity this year.

Winter forest magic

Lighting a candle s

Well hello there! My son keeps on telling me that I should blog, although I’m not sure he even knows what it means to be a blogger. 🙂 I’ve been reflecting on a lot of things these past few months, becoming more and more sceptical when it comes to social media in general. I’m trying to let go of Facebook and Instagram – mainly because I think they promote an addictive behaviour  and because I’m tired to the core of the constant flow of ads, trying to sell things to me that I don’t need or want.

I did however buy a new digital camera and spend more time in the woods, taking pictures. I’m still interested in film photography, but I feel like it’s much easier for me to experiment and learn in the digital format.

Sow candle coffee s

Going into the woods with a camera and a tripod is such a relaxing experience to me. Yes, I am an introvert and I love to spend time with myself, doing something that I love that requires focus.

But – if I give up social media and blogging, I feel like I’m just collecting picture files on my laptop. Sharing them makes sense if I can be a source of inspiration to someone. My main reasons for blogging has always been to keep myself on a creative path and to, hopefully, inspire.

I’ve also been thinking alot about the fact that I don’t want to put my blog in a small, square box. I do so many different kinds of arts and crafts and I don’t want to feel like I have to go in only in direction. So, if i continue blogging, I’ve decided that this place will keep on being a big mess of all the different things I love to do and make.

Have a very merry christmas with your loved ones. Don’t forget to enjoy cold snow and hot coffee if you’re lucky enough to celebrate in a winter wonderland. We had a few lovely days of snow early in december and I’m hoping for more soon.

B&W: Out of my head/Aht uh mi hed

B&W Out of my headSo, is this a phot blog now? I’m not sure – but here’s another one of the Yashica D pictures, shot at a graveyard in Malmö. It was sort of an abstract to me at first, but I’ve started to think that it looks like the upper body of a person. Actually, I feel like this is a good representation of where I’ve found myself the last couple of weeks. Trying to adjust to the daily routines after a long, lazy summer. Thoughts wandering of in all directions. Sometimes feeling like my head is about to explode, trying to keep track of everything.

I haven’t found the time for much creativity lately, so the developed Yashica pictures are what I’ve got on hand right now for blogging. Things are calming down for sure, but everyday life can be a bit overwhelming sometimes.