B&W: Let’s call it happy

B&W The callerMy Yashica D-camera works! I finally got the first two rolls of film developed and I’ll share the best ones here. I am very much a beginner at film photography. Seeing the pictures helps me understand the camera and the technique a bit better. I am learning and I really enjoy the experience.

This picture made me laugh like crazy when I first saw it, for real. I saw this guy and to me, he looked a bit gloomy or possibly annoyed. I felt a bit like I intruded, that he probably didn’t want me to point a camera at him when he was in the middle of a serious phone call. Still, I took the shot and walked away.

Then I get the actual picture in my hand and realise that he must have changed his expression completely at the exact moment when I pressed the trigger… 😀 Such a failed attempt at being a discreet street photographer, sneaking up on people and catching them unaware!

I did sort of type cast this guy as the moody singer-songwriter, so this is not the picture I imagined at all. But it does make me smile every time I look at it.


DIY: Dyeing with natural colors

I’ve spent the afternoon today learning more about the process of dyeing with natural colors. The modern textile industry uses all kinds of hazardous chemicals that causes pollution, so using plants and herbs is an eco friendly DIY alternative.

A friend of mine is a true artist when it comes to creating natural dyes, so I jumped at the chance to attend one of her workshops.

She had prepared the fabric for us, letting it soak in soy milk and water to make it more susceptible to color. We used five different color baths: avocado, turmeric, oregano, heather and goldenrod. T

here are many techniques for making different patterns on the fabric and it’s perfect to get the chance to experiment and learn during a workshop.

We made loads of fabric patches during the afternoon. I’m working on ideas to use my pathes once they dry. Maybe I’ll join a few together to make a cloth or a bag.

Blackout poetry: With eyes shut

Blackout poetry - With eyes shutI just finished a new piece of blackout poetry.

With eyes shut
Smoke in the dark
We call it black.
Feeling of white.

This one got me thinking about three important aspects of blackout poetry: words, illustrations and patterns. All three came together nicely in this piece, when the illustration and pattern reflect the poem.

For me, the poem is about the fact that what you see and what you feel don’t always add up. Sometimes, maybe you need to stop listeneing to what other people say, close your eyes and focus on what you feel and believe to be true. Find your answer.

B&W: Mirror, mirror on the wall

IMG_E1879I went to Stockholm with my family and visited the swedish natural history museum this week. Once again, I didn’t bring a proper camera with me but suddenly started to find motifs all around me. I actually lost sight of my family twice inside the museum because I stopped to take pictures while they made their way to other exhibitions…

This one was taken outside. One part of the museum building is mirroring itself in another part of the building. It took me a few shots to get all the lines to add up in the frame, but I’m really pleased with this one.

DIY: Making a trellis out of bike wheels

Bike wheel trellis1

I have a slight tendency to be a junk collector. Mostly because I don’t like things to go to waste. I saw so many cool and creative ways to use old bike wheels, and that grew in to sort of a collection. I found two in the woods at my parents house. Then weeks later, parked the car next two another pair of rusty and discarded ones. I was almost a little embarrassed at how happy I was when I put them in the back of the car. 🙂 One mans trash, another mans treasure.

The last wheel was found in my own basement.

Bike wheel trellis2

I joined the five wheels together to make a trellis in our garden. I bought five cleamtis plants to grow on the spokes, and they are coming along nicely.

The construction is simple: I just used two wooden posts, a few thick nails and some cable ties.

Bike wheel trellis3

A friend told me that a vital thing for clematis is to provide shade for the roots and soil. They get along well with short, leafy plants that can give them the much needed shadow to help them thrive. I’m learning so much about gardening this season!

I quickly bought three spiked speedwell plants, hoping that they will do the trick and help the clematis to climb high on my bike wheel trellis.

Blackout poetry: The edges of the book

Blackout poetry - The edges of the bookShow them the edges of the book
Ugly stain of ink in her heart
She had loved. Was that then real?
Across the page letters traverse

This page of blackout poetry was created a while back. I was trying to give the impression of ink stains on the page. I’m not really thrilled with how the heart illustration turned out, but I do like the poem. This was an early attempt at changing language from swedish to english.

I’m looking for the time and inspiration to make some new pages, hopefully I will find it soon.